Isago-Couture by Alberto Bruni

Since more than 2 years I collaborate with Isago-Couture by Isabell Goder, a young fashion-designer from Berlin, Germany.

Here you can see some results of our collaboration from her collection. I´am sure you will see in future more of Isabell and her collection in magazines and on fashion-shows.

Funky Shirt Collection | Isago-Couture featured by Alberto Bruni

A brand new cooperation between Isabell Goder, young fashion designer from Berlin and photographer Alberto Bruni.
I´am working together with Isabell since two years. Some month ago she started to design a new T-Shirt collection with stunning prints. In doing so there was the idea to create some T-Shirts together with selected pictures from my longtime project “beauty little horror” and so there was born the limited  SPECIAL COLLECTION of  Funky Shirt by Isago-Couture.You can see down here one of the first shirts. Some more selected shirts comming soon. Stay tuned. This SPECIAL COLLECTION will be available in Spring 2012 in selected shops and online.

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